Repointing Dulwich

Repointing Dulwich

Owning or looking after a historic building is generally known to be a time-consuming and expensive endeavour. However, it’s important to stay on top of the maintenance and care of any historic Dulwich property, as a small amount of degradation can lead to problems with the structure and condition of the building.

Repointing older buildings in Dulwich

One area where this is particularly true is with the pointing of your Dulwich property. For an older property, the most appropriate type of mortar is a lime-based mixture. Therefore when you’re hiring a Dulwich repointing contractor to carry out this sort of work, be sure to check that they will carry out the job using lime-based mortar. Using a more modern concrete mortar could cause damage to your building, as well as looking out of keeping with the historic nature of the structure.

Check a Dulwich repointing firm’s credentials

When you need to hire a Dulwich repointing contractor to work on a historic building, be sure to check their credentials. Are they experienced in working with older buildings and will they use the appropriate materials and techniques to do the work? One way you can find a reputable Dulwich repointing firm is to ask owners of other older buildings nearby which repointing company they used and whether they’d recommend them. This way you can be sure of getting an honest opinion from someone you trust.

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