Re Pointing Havant

Repointing, otherwise known as tuckpointing, is a critical process that is often overlooked when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of one’s home. This procedure is not only imperative for the preservation and longevity of the building but also contributes to its aesthetics. Especially in regions like Havant, UK, known for its old world charm and historical buildings, repointing becomes a preservation necessity.

Brick or stone made buildings in Havant are built to last for several decades, offering a sturdy and robust living space. However, they are not immune to time and the harshness of the environment. One common problem with masonry buildings in Havant is the decaying of the mortar joints. Erosion due to carbonation, acid rain and frost-thaw cycles lead to the weakening of the walls, eventually causing the stonework to crumble, posing a major risk.

Therefore, a timely repointing procedure comes in handy. It involves removing the old, weathered mortar from the joints between bricks or stones and replacing it with new mortar. This ensures that the structure stays put and the house remains safe for habitation. It’s not just about maintaining structural integrity, but it also refreshes the building’s appearance, making it seem new. Thus, if you reside in Havant or own a historic property here, do consider repointing as part of your regular maintenance procedures. It might save you from expensive repairs in the future and, more importantly, it could prevent catastrophic building failure.

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