Repointing Hampton Court

Repointing Hampton Court

The chimney stack of any property in the Hampton Court area is often one part of a building that is more vulnerable to the elements. Because a chimney often sticks out from the roof of a property, it can be more damaged by inclement weather over time. This means that sometimes you’ll find that your chimney needs repointing, meaning you need to call on the services of a Hampton Court repointing expert.

Here are some things to be aware of when you hire a Hampton Court repointing firm to fix your chimney:

  • chimneys are often harder to access and more difficult to work around than other parts of your home – therefore a Hampton Court repointing firm might need to use scaffolding, which will add to the cost of the job.
  • it can be tempting to put off the repointing of your chimney, but if the problem is left untended for too long, it can cause significant problems, such as damp in your chimney breast or even total collapse of the chimney structure. This will always be more expensive and troublesome to fix than if you had just hired a Hampton Court repointing expert in the first place.
  • it might not just be the pointing that requires work – a Hampton Court repointing specialist may also need to replace bricks that have broken or become damaged.

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