Brickwork Repairs & Pointing

One of our largest areas of work is in brickwork repairs, pointing and re-pointing.

Pointing & Re-pointing

Pointing is the name for the mortar between bricks in any walling. Over time, weathering and decay can cause damage and gaps in the joints between bricks on your home or commercial premises.

If left unattended to, this could lead to water entering the building and causing expensive structural damage. Re-pointing is the process of renewing the pointing to prevent this from happening.

The process of pointing or re-pointing includes:


Renewing mortar joints


Preparing new mortar for pointing


Mixing mortar


Matching mortar colours


Using different styles of pointing finish as appropriate, including weather struck, recessed and flush pointing

If you can see gaps developing in your building’s pointing, this means it’s probably time to call Brickcraft Surrey, so that we can come and re-point it before the potential for damage becomes too severe.

Brickwork repairs

Over time, brickwork can become flaky, crumbly and begin to erode. While this can add a certain element of ‘period charm’, it can also be the sign of trouble ahead. If the damage becomes excessive, it could lead to damp penetrating the building or the walls becoming structurally unsound, meaning you’ll need costly masonry repairs. Therefore, if you begin to see signs of damage on your brickwork, it’s important to call out the experts, as it may be possible to make small repairs in order to prevent much bigger problems from occurring.

At Brickcraft Surrey we can expertly carry out all aspects of brickwork repairs, including:


Identifying and remedying any contributory causes of damage, such as leaking pipework or guttering


Cutting away and replacing damaged areas of brickwork


Patching up small areas of damaged brick, using ‘slips’, to create the appearance of intact bricks – this is a cosmetic option that can only be used if the damage is minor


Partially or fully rebuilding walls that have suffered from severe damage

About Us

Brickcraft Surrey is owned by Dan, a time-served brickwork expert. Dan started his bricklaying apprenticeship when he left school, and now has more than 10 years’ experience in brickwork. Dan’s services are in high demand, and he often carries out work for other building and construction firms in and around the Surrey area.

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